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Day 1

It was noisy. Far nosier than I was used to as everyone arranged themselves into the large caravan. People took up positions that seemed completely comfortable for them; Soruke lead with his two 'favourites', Saravi stayed in about the middle surrounded by females, and Shou guarded the back with his mate. How well they guarded while clinging to each other was a wonder, but an amusing one.
     From what I heard, the walk would take three weeks through the mountains and snow. Hearing it made me glad the pups didn't come, but it didn't stop me from pining and worrying about them anyway. Saravi told me to stop it, but in her own way probably approved; at least one of us fussed over her kids, and she wasn't ashamed to admit it wasn't her. The three weeks of walking itself, well. That didn't really bother me. It hadn't been long since I'd stopped constantly travelling, so if anything it'd do me some good. If nothing else, Saravi had gifted me with new clothes suited for the travel, and even though it was done so I wouldn't freeze to death I felt completely flattered.
     While we waited to get going, a few males strolling past to reach other ends of the group started to give me odd, almost accusing and 'knowing' looks. I huffed about it, staring back at them when they lingered too long, before asking Saravi about it.
     “It's where you're standing,” she said simply, then indicated the surrounding women when I still looked confused. “It's an odd place for a male.” A few of the females around us seemed to share that opinion, looking mildly distrustful.
     “I can't help where you choose to walk, nor would I want to.” I shrugged. “I go where you go, I don't see why that's so hard for some to understand.”
     Amusement glittered in her eyes, but at me or some sort of possible stupidity she saw in me, I'd never be certain. Most of the time those things are interlinked. Then the look was lost as we slowly started moving, the bristling excitement around us taking its place.

Day 3

It was tiring, but in a good way. Each night we stopped exhausted, but for me at least it meant sleeping deeply. I'd joined in the hunting party the night before, but found my skills somewhat lacking compared to a lot of the others. Much as I wanted to blame it on my half-dog breed, there was no denying that I was far more used to getting my food already killed from others.
     When we got the fires built and settled down to eat and sleep, more people started sharing stories. Aside from being with Saravi, there was nothing I wanted more than to mingle with the troupe of entertainers. Samohan, Sorin, Niki, Unva, and Ryoji brought the night alive with singing and stories of their own, but Shou was the one that encouraged the rest of us to share. About anything, old mates, old battles, flings we had, anything at all. And I wanted to, so badly. I wanted to tell a story, but I still felt displaced. I had no right to do it.
     Engrossed in my longing, I startled when I realized Saravi leaned closer to me then I'd last noticed, listening intently to the tales being told. Her face was alight with the dancing of the flames and I felt a whole different wringing of my heart.

Day 6

Finally, I found the resolve to go walk with the entertainers for a while. Saravi seemed surprised; since when have I ever done anything that involved leaving her side completely willingly while our status is still a shaky thing? I walked mostly with Sorin, enjoying his booming voice and air of experience. The more I shared, the more he seemed to approve of me and every ounce of that approval made me radiate with an unnecessary amount of pride. It'd been too long since I'd bothered to be around other entertainers, and the others didn't seem to mind me either.
     There were a few attempts to find out what, exactly, my story was that I didn't want to tell them. And my constant glances back to Saravi probably gave them the completely wrong idea; the story was probably the only thing I still had that didn't center around her.

Days 9-16

I made the mistake of walking without my cloak for a few days and managed to catch a cold. Saravi      playfully berated me for it and I spent a while attempting to be coddled by her, and some of the other females took sympathy and let me whine as well.
     When she asked why I'd done it, I said the simple and stupid truth. “I wanted them to think I was cool.”
     She laughed and shook her head at me, but she smiled when she said “You're an idiot, Durril.”

Day 18

We were almost there. The excitement that had lulled a bit was surging back. I'd kept myself with the troupe and they took me in with many jests and took to calling me 'Ruv-Juk', meaning wolf-dog, after I told them about my Romani heritage and my old nickname. I spent most days with them, often bounding back to Saravi to tell her anything that excited me or to share the stories I'd heard. At night I'd taken to telling little tales of my own, but never the story. That was a thing to build up to, a thing that wouldn't be fitting for the first few times someone new tells a story.
     The best moment I had on that trip, aside from all the night-time snuggling I could wrangle out of Saravi, was when she laughed at one of my stories. One about being a pup when my sisters were alive and the stupid tricks they played on me. When I heard her I literally had to pause and blush and grin like a fool before going on, and that's when I started to think a little more of the warmth she was starting to show me.

Day 21

Cresting that last hill felt like an eternity. The excitement was an almost drowning thing, but ahead of us it seemed to completely still into awe. I was bristling and brimming with energy, much to what I think was Saravi's amusement, and when we finally got to the top all of that stilled and I think that amused her even more.
     In the valley below us was the compound, sprawling out of the snow yet almost hidden by it.  It was immense and stunning and private. The only thing I could have asked for differently was that it was only Saravi and I there, but I doubted the others would impact on us.
     Saravi smirked down at me, always amused by my gawking. “Bigger then you thought?” she asked as we started down the other side.
     I smiled at her. “Much, but that isn't why I was staring.” My smile broke to a grin when she cocked an eyebrow. “I get to spend time in such a beautiful place with an even more beautiful woman.”
The Winter Caravan
THERE. DONE. I won't struggle with this anymore, it's good enough for what we're doing (well I'd rather it was better but it'll never be finished that way)
Here you go, my dear, now we can begin!

Character- Respectful Owners
Story- SoulfulInsanity
He was different from the last time I saw him. Far different. Didn't look sick, for one thing, but everyone pretty much knew about that now. The lab was big news, after all, but anyway. Being healthy had finally given him the muscle to fit his tall, wiry frame to make him look like an actual person and not a walking stick.
     But it wasn't just that he looked good, though he looked damn good. The scales that sheathed his arms and legs were new, a glossy green-black that went halfway up his forearms and halfway up his calves. The tail was new, and so were the scaled, longer ears. There was no mistaking the marks of a dragon on him, though I had no idea why they had chosen that to mix him with in the first place.
    He turned, probably aware of my staring because he looked straight at me, ears swivelling as if I'd said something. Maybe I had. Hard to say when you look at that handsome face, words might just tumble out. For a moment he just stared back, confused, before a grin lit up his face. The giant dopey grin I remembered from high school before he had to drop out. We were older, both in our thirties but that grin hadn't changed at all. He chatted excitedly to someone with him, a shorter man with tattoos and a handsome, sly-looking face. Arms around each others' waists. So lovers or more, and I grinned for him.
     The shorter one looked and saw me, curious, and just like that they started walking over and there was no way I could cover my own excitement. Drake had been my best friend for years, and there he was with his man. There was so much to know and I wanted to know it all.
A Meeting of Dragons
Super quick thing for Storm seeing Drake again after like, 14 years. Not much to say, aside from aiming so we can get some sexy stuff happening~

Mentioned Ross- Zebresken
The rest- SoulfulInsanity
It wasn't meant to be like that. It was meant to be nine months of being spoiled rotten and cuddled and fawned over. Not getting sick at 20 weeks, then being told that no, actually, you have to have that baby now or you both might die.
     It even had an ugly name. Pre-eclampsia. What the hell was that, really? Why had he thought that that kind of problem would only happen to pregnant women and not to pregnant men? His whole thought had been that it would be trouble free, that Kaze only had problems because he was too small to give birth without help.
     Now he was laying, awake but sliced open and half delusional from the numbness and the agonising headaches. After all he tried to say about his abs and his perfect stomach, he'd lost one to getting fat in the first place and the other by getting cut open to have his son dragged out. At 24 weeks old. Probably likely to die.
     Zack was there, the doctors didn't want him to be but he was anyway, and he offered up what support he could. But his eyes were dark with worry, and Danny wasn't so far out of it that he couldn't see that. Danny was meant to be fine afterwards; all the effects would wear off after the baby was up and out. But the baby, that tiny little boy...
     There was talking from the doctors that snapped him out of it. The glimpse of one holding a tiny  thing. The devastated look on Zack's face at the incredibly loud silence. Danny was frozen, he held his breath and prayed and hoped that there would be crying, shrieking, anything. He asked questions that no one answered, felt tears he barely noticed streaming down his face.
     Then a tiny cry. A thin, reedy and untrustworthy noise, but a cry all the same. Immediately he lit up, demanding to see him, to know he was okay. But the doctor said no as nurses took the boy to be hooked up to machines. Said it was unlikely he would live; he was too small, too weak, born too early. That Danny could see him after he was sown back up and taken to his room.
     And the man had screamed. Screamed and roared and shouted and cursed until his lungs felt raw and Zack had to hold down his shoulders and try to comfort him. But his eyes were black like voids and all Danny could do was look up at them and feel himself drowning until even his tears were gone.

“Why'd you name him Bambi?”
     Why'd I name him at all? “'Cause, he's got a little birthmark. Like a deer. So I called him Bambi.” All of them had asked him about the name at least once. Danny had spent the past three days smacked out of his mind with painkillers, and remembered how much Jazz had loved the movie as a kid when he saw the birthmark. So he called his son Bambi. But even thinking about that hurt. He looked over at the incubator that held his tiny child. It took two days of screaming and fussing until they left the boy in his room, but with a constant rotation of nurses and doctors to keep an eye on him. And just like every other time he saw him, his heart swelled then wrenched painfully. He loved that tiny boy, but he'd only been able to hold him twice. The boy had almost died more times then his mother had held him.
     He turned his head away, back towards the men that were his lovers. They all tried to keep him confident, keep his spirits up, but it hardly worked. Every time he looked he tried so hard not to love his own son so he wouldn't have to hurt when he died. But there was no stopping it, and every look just made it worse and made it harder.
     “I thought I wouldn't fuck up my own kid.” Bitterness flooded him. If his own father hadn't been a mutated strain of his family, this wouldn't have happened. The kid probably would've been healthy, just like Jazz and himself would have been healthy. But it passed as quickly as he clenched his jaw. There was no stopping it; sometimes things just went shit.
    Zack sighed quietly. He'd heard the same words the most. “You didn't fuck him up. I did, if anyone.”
    Danny went silent, wanting to tell him otherwise but also glad that he could momentarily lay the blame on someone else.
    In the silence machines started beeping. A nurse stirred into action. Doctors came in. A baby cried as he was wheeled away. Danny crumpled in on himself and muttered another set of familiar words. “This time, he's gonna die this time.”

Three months had passed. Danny still spent every day in the hospital, watching over Bambi. Expecting him to die. The baby was still sickly and tiny, but sometimes they would at least let him hold him. Every time he had to put him back down it felt like someone tearing out his heart. Danny had loved people before, he loved Zack more then the world. But nothing could compare to his devotion to his child. So much so that he kept up his constant vigil when it was obviously eating away at him as well.
     Justin and Zack were in the building, talking to doctors while Danny kept watch. Kaze had to stay home on occasion, to watch over Mitsu who fussed when she had to stay too long at the hospital. They always seemed more optimistic then he did; even when the doctors got pretty sure he wasn't on death row, Danny couldn't relax. Wouldn't relax until he was at least a bit bigger.
     “Sorry I fucked this up, kid. You're probably gonna hate me if you remember any of this.” But his son just went on wiggling and kicking around and looking up at him with a little baby smile. His heart melted again.
      “You didn't fuck anything up, stop saying that.” Zack said as they walked back into the room, both strangely pleased. “Got some news, Danny-boy.”
     He blinked at the nickname. He hadn't heard it in months. “What?”
     “You get to take your little fawn home today.” Zack was smiling, his eyes taking on a hesitant glow. Danny looked at him, then back at their son, and started to cry again.    
Little Fawn
Danny having Bambi and the resulting stress of it~ Probably could've done more buuuuut I didn't want to pick at it too much so I'm calling it done~
Here you go, my dear~

Zack- Zebresken
The rest: devsoulfulinsanity:
Not a Fan by SoulfulInsanity
Not a Fan
Matthew, a new buff werewolf that runs with Stray's pack (as pretty much a high-ranking messenger who Etsu finds incredibly nice when he takes over), for the lovely Kunji~ 
He disapproves of the random iPod he accidentally grabbed

Mentioned Kunji- Zebresken
The rest- SoulfulInsanity
AU- Lucky Loot by SoulfulInsanity
AU- Lucky Loot
Vortex and Taboo AU, based back in her pirating days (hence them being a bit younger). Vortex and her crew raided his ship and took him captive since he looks like a good ransom~ Nooooo idea if I got him right, never drawn him before let alone from the front XD

Taboo- Zebresken
The rest- SoulfulInsanity


has commissions open~
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Partners in Crime! >8D :iconzebresken::iconsoulfulinsanity:

My lovely Neko~ :heart: :iconanimesoulcruncher:

By the way, nothing I draw is against dA rules, and if you think it is, please note me before reporting so we can sort it out maturely, okay? Chances are if there's a problem, it can easily be solved by talking about it.






My Tumblr--> May be +18

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I realized I hadn't updated this for a while, so I thought I might as well. Third year at university and I'm repeating my art class (because I failed it last year, oops), taking a so far awesome writing class, and a class about art and de-constructing visuals. 
I'm enjoying every bit of it! 

-My art teachers this year are faaaaar more likeable then last year, though apparently we have our old teacher again next trimester (shame, that).
-I take almost every chance I get to talk in the writing class because 10% of our mark is participation. I also know what I'm talking about so that helps, hehe.
-My other arty class is pretty damn cool and our teacher is a little odd but super awesome. I'm working on a set of images about sexual identity and body image for our first assignment.

I'm just glad I'm enjoy life right now. I have a tonne of work from these classes (mostly readings), but it feels good to have that work and to do it and feel on top of everything. And so far I'm not falling behind in my art class which is AWESOME. 

Also working on a different novel because Vincent's story really needs a HUGE re-vamp so it has to sit for a while so I can think about how to fix it. But the new story gets a map! 8D

I've been reading a tonne as well. Gone through at least 6 books since January with no regrets and reading pretty much only on weekends 8D

Anyway, yeah. Just a quick little update for anyone who's curious.
  • Reading: Assassin's Quest- Robin Hobb

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